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Car Fragrance Oil 8 Car Cologne Collection & 2 Revive Diffusers
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Level up your automotive journey and experience the ultimate in car aroma technology with our amazing 8 curated car cologne fragrance oils and Revive MPV diffuser combo. With 11 available colors and a sleek design the Revive MVP diffuser is made of high quality aluminum to be lightweight, durable and will compliment your car's interior. You will receive 2 Revive MPV diffusers and 8 iconic colognes fragrances that will transcend you and your passenger's journey into an aromatherapy oasis. Get 2 Free Seat Gap Filler Pads With Order

* You will receive all 8 of our cologne fragrances oils and 2 Revive MPV                 Diffusers 

*  Each 3ml vial will deliver 60 drops of fragrance oil and last about 30 days

*  Our Colognes are, Baccarat Rouge 540, Black Ice,  Rain Angelica, Polo Red,        Viva La Juicy, Acqua Di Gio, Bleu De Channel and Chanel #5            

*  The Revive MVP diffuser is 100% wireless operating device.

*   The fragrances oil is added directly into the Revive MPV diffuser

*    There is no need to disassemble the diffuser to add fragrance oil


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    The Revive Diffuser Delivers An Aromatic Atmosphere                                   

Although it's barely noticeable, the Revive Diffuser provides a continues aromatic atmosphere         



Aromatherapy That Is Quiet As A Mouse    

  Enjoy  aromatherapy with no distracting noise

Enjoy Aromatherapy While Driving

Automatically starts as soon as you turn on your car air system. Just clip it to your ca's air vents and start enjoying aromatherapy while driving

106 Premium Aroma Fragrances

Whether is keeping that new car smell. the smell of hot buttered popcorn you'll find your fragrance in our collection of 106 scents.

2 Free Drop Blocker Car Seat Gap Filler Pads

And for a limited time only receive 2 PU leather Drop Blockers Car Seat Gap Fillers

Our Drop Blockers will help make driving safe by not letting items such as cell phones,

sunglasses and other personal items fall between the car seat and console onto the car floor

making it almost impossible to retrieve. Drop Blockers with eliminate that gap making it

almost impossible for anything to fall through. Drop Blockers are also water proof and easy 

to clean. Just wipe them off with a damp cloth for cleaning.



Luxurious Look

106  Aroma Fragrances

Completely Wireless

 Economically  Friendly

Environment Friendly

Why Choose The Revive Car Vent Clip Diffuser?

1) More aesthetically pleasing because it blends in with you car's interior, does not hang from the mirror so it does not obstruct you view.

2) Allows you to quickly change scents depending on what you're in the mood for thereby creating the perfect driving atmosphere

3) More economical because you only need a few drops of fragrance oil for a very long lasting scent.

4) Experience stress release and relaxation because it is the absolute best aromatherapy on the go

Questions? We’ve Got You Covered

Can I use any essential oil or oil blend with it?

Yes, our  car aroma diffuser is compatible with all essential fragrance oils. You can use your favorite oils or oil blends to create the desired ambiance in your car.

 How long does the aroma last?

The duration of aroma depends on the aroma of the essential oil, not the diffuser. So we highly recommend to use a quality fragrance oil  for longer lasting effect

Do I need to replace battery or charge the diffuser?

Definitely not, you don't need to replace batteries or charge the diffuser. It operates when you turn on your car's air flow vent system. The air from your cars vents activates the fragrance oil in the diffuser creating an aromatic effect.

Do you provide any warranty with the products?

Of course. Our each product comes with a 1 Year warranty. 

When Will I Recieve My Delivery?

With thousands of customers worldwide, Driving Scents only works with the most reliable and efficient couriers to dispatch all orders.

Our all orders are processed and shipped out within 24 hours. Your order will be sent via standard courier service, which includes FREE DELIVERY for over $50 orders and door to door tracking and you will get your product in hand within 3-7 Business Days. International Shipping may take 12-15 days.

Do you offer any refund?

Yes. We are currently offering the most popular 30-DAY refund policy for your satisfaction. If you recieve any damaged product or are not satisfied with the product, you can simply Contact Us by clicking the button at the right corner of our website or by using our Chat option. Our expert team will get back to you with the easiest return or refund process. To know more, visit our Returns & Refund page.

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Tessa M  (Verified Customer)

2 days ago

I absolutely love my solar aroma car diffuser! It keeps my car smelling fresh and the fact that it's solar-powered is a bonus

Andrew B  (Verified Customer)

3 days ago

My kid was literally surprised for the first time and asked me how it works without a wire. And I replied, its a magic son. haha

Eric R  (Verified Customer)

3 days ago

I am happy that I no longer need to worry about replacing air fresheners or batteries.

Mellisa A  (Verified Customer)

7 days ago

It creates a calming atmosphere in my vehicle, making my journeys more enjoyable. Loved it.

Joana D  (Verified Customer)

9 days ago

The best thing I liked that I dont need to go through the hassle of wires or batteries. worth buying

Benjamin B  (Verified Customer)

14 days ago

not only functional but also stylish. It adds a touch of elegance to my car's interior while keeping it smelling amazing!

Jessica O  (Verified Customer)

15 days ago

The soothing smell really helps a lot on long drive. I believe I will regularly use this diffuser from now on..

Susan L  (Verified Customer)

17 days ago

I've tried various car diffusers, but this solar-powered one is by far the best. The scent lingers for hours for real.

William W  (Verified Customer)

18 days ago

Lifesaver for pet owners like me. It removes all the pet odors from my car and smells wonderful

Elizabeth R  (Verified Customer)

22 days ago

I can't believe I didn't discover this solar car diffuser sooner. It's so convenient and looks great on my car desk!

David B  (Verified Customer)

27 days ago

An excellent addition for a party and messy guy like me. Always works,,

Patricia A  (Verified Customer)

1 month ago

The natural scents make my daily commute a more relaxing and enjoyable experience. 

Linda K  (Verified Customer)

1 month ago

It's compact, easy to install and works like a charm

Teresa I (Verified Customer)

1 month ago

Saw on my insta ad and thought to give a try. Didnt regret 👍👍

Rebekah F  (Verified Customer)

1 month ago

Chris T  (Verified Customer)

1 month ago

Stephanie J  (Verified Customer)

1 month ago

Jacob G  (Verified Customer)

2 months ago

Christie W  (Verified Customer)

2 months ago

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Transcend Your Automotive Environment

Transcend your automotive environment and experience the ultimate in car aroma technology with our amazing 8 curated car cologne kit fragrance oils and 2 Revive MPV diffusers .