About Us

Just like your home your car is a reflection of your personality and just like your home your car will leave an impression on all who enter it. How your car smells on the inside is a reflection of your style, taste and sophistication. Just like your home you want your car to smell great  Our mission statement at Lamar Products is to bring to our customers premium  lifestyle enhancing automotive products so the driving is more enjoyable. We take great care in the design, quality and craftsmanship along with unparalleled customer service in presenting our product to the market.

When we set out to update the car fragrance industry as Car Fragrance Oil Authority , we were faced with a simple question. ‘Why can’t your car smell as good as you do?’

So, we set about rebranding the car air freshener from ‘death by lemon’ and ‘swinging trees’ to a range of beautiful in-car products, laced with the most luxurious fragrances in the world.

Cue almost 18 months of work to produce a range of automotive-based products that look and smell as luxurious and have been tailored to provide the most elegant driving experience possible.

Our Car Fragrance Oil products are designed to provide a long-lasting fragrance, inspired by the most sought after scents in the world without obstructing your view while driving

Your environment plays a major role in the way you feel and scent, our olfactory system, plays an especially significant part in this equation. You can change the mood of your home effectively by changing its scent, why not in you car